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Dog cage - YES or NO?!

05.10.2023 14:32

A cage is not a prison or why should every dog have one?
Are you a cager or not? The world of dog walkers is divided into 2 camps and each has its strong arguments. But when it is done well (with heart), even a small cage is a huge helper of inestimable dimensions. How to do it and what not to mess up?

What is the cage good for?

The cage can serve as a safe place for the dog when it has to stay at home alone (for the safety of the furry one and
the rest of the household). To learn how to rest and relax enough after work. The elephant will also
provide a service if health problems arise and the dog must remain calm and regenerate after surgery or an injury.
And you will be grateful for it even when driving a car or during stays at the hotel when you want to go to breakfast with a clear
conscience. In short, a safe shed that you fold on top of a patty comes in handy
more often than you might think. Don't you believe?

How to teach a dog to stay in a cage?
Close just put the dog in and walk away is the best way to hell. The dog must have a cage connected with a pleasant
feeling, with a place of rest, with a choice of safety. Once you place the cage in a suitable, quiet place
in the apartment (ideally somewhere to a quiet corner overlooking the access/escape routes), put a comfortable bed, some toys in it and leave it open. The dog will probably go visit her on his own, and if not, throw a few
treats inside to motivate him to do so. We recommend putting the food bowl in afterwards.
Only after some time, about 14 days, when the dog is willing and happy to go inside, you can close the door.
Take it easy and for a while. Stay near the cage and do the usual things to let the furry one know that it's
perfectly okay. Feel free to prepare some rewards for him inside again.

We recommend a comfortable mattress for the cage, preferably orthopedic, which at the same time cares for the health of the four-legged companion's joints. But crate pillows are also a great travel option.

You will also appreciate it on the go
The cage is an important helper and for active travelers. Whether you are going to races, an exhibition (where
the dog can rest peacefully in a cage before going into the ring), for a longer car ride or maybe to
vacation, the cage is a safe option for the back seats or in the trunk of the car. It brings a sense of security that
your furry friend will not hurt himself and that he will always be able to get enough rest.

Instead of a kennel cage?
That can be a solution too. It is a bit lighter to carry, the fabric version can be neatly folded and many dogs are
calmed by the darkness that prevails inside due to the solid walls of the kennel. It also fits in the car, where it
doesn't guarantee as much safety in the event of an accident as a cage (or a special aluminum cage). Greater calming
provides for dogs prone to separation anxiety who feel private inside. They tolerate
loneliness better, they don't destroy things or themselves. It's easier for them to get used to simply waiting for their master in their cozy house.

Choose the right size
The dog would he should have been able to lie comfortably in the cage at length so that he still had a bit of
free space between his nose and tail. He should be able to stand up comfortably in the cage and turn around. If you have a small dog,
don't buy a huge cage for his comfort - usually too much space won't help him relax.
Choose a size that really fits the proportions of your partner.

Despite all the efforts, there are dogs who manage to get out of the cage like a magician get. Most often, they
succeed in changing the spacing of the grates with their teeth, pushing aside the sheet metal floor and squeezing through the crack. Or he can
open a simple latch on the door. Think about it and possibly ensure the dog's safety to the

As you can see, the cage has many useful functions that a good dog owner can appreciate. At the same time, he is a good
servant, but a bad master - the fear of the cage must not dominate the situation, because he is very bad at unlearning. The main
thing is to don't rush anything during training, don't make a mistake and then just enjoy the feeling of a well-behaved dog.

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