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Dogs and water

23.06.2023 17:00

Dogs and water - summer risks

The sun. Finally, there is too much of it. The dog walkers were a little unsure if their companions were burning their paws. Older Hafans walk half the usual walk in this heat. Who wouldn't let them cool off in the water? What to wear watch out for, so as not to harm or even endanger your dog's life?

Swimming in nature
It is probably the most popular pastime of ladies and their dogs. Go for a walk and then cool off in a cold river or a clear lake. Do not underestimate the choice of water. It often contains cyanobacteria and bacteria, thanks to which the partner develops skin problems, fungi and dermatitis. These can be really hard to get rid of and the treatment is time-consuming and expensive. Before you enter the water, carefully examine its bottom (if it is within reach) to see if there are sharp stones lurking on it, on which the furry can injure its paws.

Tip: Paw pads can really bleed a lot. Better take disinfectant and a flexible bandage called koban with you, you never know what can happen. In such a case, even the shoe that protects the paw will not be lost. Because you will definitely need to get home successfully.

Water games
Garden and hose is the best fun for many owners of hyperactive border dogs or bull breeds. These breeds (and many others) can Catch water and jump in the reflections of a gentle rainbow for a really long time. The problem lies in when the waters get too muddy in the heat of the game. They don't know when they've had enough. They're just having a good time.

But then they can start to be lethargic, tired, disoriented, they can vomit, writhe in convulsions. These are clear signs of impending water intoxication. There is no time to waste important seconds, go to the vet immediately. An excess of water in the body changes the pressure in the cells and brain swelling can occur, which is often fatal. It is better to try not to overdo anything and turn off the water supply in time. Adding electrolytes (e.g. Nutrisal in a little water) can work as a quick aid before you get to the vet, when the pressure in the cells starts to adjust back.

Tip: If you want to treat your dog to a swimming pool, better get him his own dog pool. Keep a close eye on the furry ones in human classic swimming pools, because they usually can't leave them and can end up drowning from exhaustion! Therefore, do not leave your dog alone and unattended by the pool.

What about the sea?
Some dogs have it lucky that they will look to the sea with their master in their lifetime. Sea water can be healing for humans, a little less so for dogs. If she drinks a lot, it can mean digestive problems, vomiting and diarrhea. Residues of salt are also not good for the coat, and after a bath in the sea it is good to allow your partner to rinse with fresh water. so that his skin does not suffer.

How to recognize overheating
When the sun is too much, easily the dog's organism starts to overheat. Especially in means of transport, where the temperature rises faster to an unbearable level. This is also due to the fact that the dog does not have classic sweat glands and cannot sweat, i.e. cool down by evaporating water. His only option is to cool himself by inhaling air through his wet tongue. As soon as the outside temperature rises above 25°C, it is no longer enough for them to cool down. The dog begins to breathe heavily, has a dry and warm muzzle, glassy eyes, red eyes, is apathetic. At such a moment, it is important to place the dog in the shade as soon as possible and cool it from the paws. It is ideal to attach a moistened towel. By suddenly pouring cold water on him, you will cause him a shock, which will only make things worse! It will also help to fan the dog with something and then offer him drinking water. Then seek veterinary help as soon as possible.

Dog swimmer
There are dogs who love water, and then there are those who are afraid to leave the safety of the bottom. In both cases, you should get your partner a life jacket, comfortable and safe. Swimming consumes a lot of energy, and those who are not trained swimmers can easily run out of energy in the middle of the lake. Don't risk it. With a life jacket, even dogs who are afraid of water will eventually learn to swim carefree.

How else to cool down the dog?
In addition to the beneficial water, it provides a cooling pad for your partner, for example. The dog must be able to choose whether he wants to lie down and cool off or he wants to be off the mat.

In a warm household, it sometimes helps to throw a damp towel over the fan or you can try frozen dog lick pads. The main thing is to wait out the heat in good health.

It's not a good idea to mess with water and it can go awry very easily. Enjoy everything in moderation so that you can enjoy the summer peacefully side by side and without worries.


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