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How to go on holiday with your dog?

25.05.2023 14:00

Holiday with a dog
Shared experiences with a partner are priceless. If you are going on vacation with a dog or even a whole pack of dogs, take a look at what to watch out for abroad. We will also advise you on what not to forget.

Traveling in the Czech Republic
If you are planning a trip in nice Czech, there are plenty of "dog friendly" places. Whether you are drawn to the mountains or corners of big cities. The most up-to-date list of hotels and friendly locations will be provided by enthusiasts in dog travel groups on social networks. Always make sure in advance when booking your stay that they will also accommodate a dog and for how much.

Will you go by train? Research well which carrier transports dogs. Some don't allow larger four-legged companions and you definitely can't put a Rottweiler in your bag. You should always have a suitable muzzle for your dog, in which he will feel comfortable during the journey (definitely not a fixation muzzle!). A blanket or perhaps a crate pillow (or a crate directly) is also suitable for the train. So that the furry one knows where his place is and has a quiet place to rest.

Cycling holiday
Are you sporty? Go on a road trip around the Czech Republic! But you will certainly need a wheelie cart. If you don't have a racing husky, sooner or later his paws might hurt and his pads might suffer from running next to the bike. It is better to plan the route in smaller sections, where you will all have enough rest in the end.

Experiences beyond borders
But few people want to sit at home . There is nothing easier than driving a car around the EU. You need a vet issued pet passport, valid vaccination against rabies older than 3 weeks but not older than 1 year and a working microchip. Attention only if you have more than 5 dogs. You will already need a permit to travel to a competition or exhibition so that you are not accidentally stopped as a breeder across the border.

Inform yourself beforehand on the websites of individual embassies, where you can find out what the rules are in which country. France and Germany, for example, do not like bull breeds without PP and do not have to let them cross the border (or even send them to quarantine). In Russia they don't like to see Rottweilers. And in Finland they don't allow all breeds that come from the wolf.

Car with a dog
Think about safety and the dog safely fasten with a special seat belt. Either behind the harness, or in a kennel on the seats, or in the trunk of the car separated from the rest of the car by a partition. If your partner can't tolerate car rides, it's better to choose a crate over which you can throw a blanket. This way the dog can feel more secure. Be sure to try calming medications so that he doesn't suffer so much on the way. Either aromatherapy, Bach drops, something stronger after an agreement with the vet or a gradual habit a few weeks before the trip

Watch out for burns! If the dog is exposed to a lot of sun during the trip, it can get sunburned. And this despite the fact that you ventilate the car well or have the air conditioning on.

Airplane for experiences
There are places you cannot reach by car . You can try the plane. Just make sure you know how each airline transports dogs. Most companies do not allow dogs on board, only in a standardized cargo carrier. Such a container must meet IATA certification standards, such as replaceable water without opening the door. Always let the flight staff know that you have a four-legged companion in the back so they can keep an eye on him and monitor his temperature and pressure there.

Purchase a ticket for furry friends by phone, web reservation systems cannot book it. For less stress on your partner, look for non-stop flights. Or choose two flights with a longer break between them, so that you can check the dog during the transfer and take it out.

Tip for you: Are you going to the sea? Also pack care products for the dog's skin and fur (if he will be swimming in the sea) and a life jacket might also come in handy.

What to pack for travel?
There are a few things which you should never miss. Feed is a matter of course (most often dried substitutes or a temporary bag of granules for barfarers). Also a travel bowl for water and a water bottle. Don't forget the first aid kit for the dog. It should contain:

-        something for diarrhea

-        paw treatment

-        disinfection

-        bandages

-        medications to relieve allergy (if it occurs)

-        eye and ear drops.

-        Antiparasitic drugs are also suitable. You certainly don't want to bring uninvited guests or some insidious disease with you from your vacation.

It is also great to have a bed for your partner, a mattress or a blanket. It will be useful calm toy and for fun when rest. And of course firm leash and a comfortable harness or even collar. Ideally, choose equipment that is embroidered with the dog's name and a telephone number with the international area code of the Czech Republic for you so that the furry one can easily return to you if he wanders off somewhere abroad .

Final tips:

✔ Before traveling abroad, check the validity of your partner's vaccinations and chip

✔ Carefully study what they require in which country, ideally at the consulate

✔ You should have a well-equipped first aid kit for your dog with you throughout the Czech Republic and abroad

✔ Don't forget a solid leash and a harness/collar with embroidered contact in international format in case the dog runs away

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