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How to mark your dog correctly

28.04.2023 05:49

What to do to prevent your dog from becoming a stray or a stray dog?

Even if we do our best, there may be times when a dog just runs away. Whether it's a firecracker, a deer, or a snarling bitch (for love, dogs really are masters of escape). We can advise on how to ensure that he always finds his way home in the end.

Compulsory chipping of dogs

Mandatory chipping has been in force in the Czech Republic since 2020. The aim of the regulation was to reduce the number of stray dogs whose owner is unknown. However, due to the fact that there is no centralised chip registry yet, it is still a bit of a mess. In addition, there are still breeders of dogs who have never seen a vet in their lives, let alone been chipped. 

Even with a chip, however, you're not out of luck. If the dog runs off, the police will only come to the scene if it is possible to "contain" the dog. Only then will they check the chip number with a scanner and if they hit the register where you have registered the dog, they will call you to come and get the dog. Otherwise, he'll end up at the pound. Make sure you get your furry friend back to you as soon as possible.

Clinking address stamps

Some towns give owners stamps with the number and name of the town after they register their dog. They can serve as a clue to return home. However, you can also have the stamp engraved on request, simply stating the dog's name and your contact information. You can also get a variety of miniature collar boxes in which you can store the address, but there is always the risk that they will break off the collar and the dog will find it difficult to find its way home.

A contact that won't get lost

Fourteen years ago, the founder of 4dox had her beloved dog run away. Moments of terror followed when he was in danger, and she knew she never wanted to experience that again. That's why 4dox was created, to make sure your four-legged pet is perfectly marked so that everyone clearly knows where he belongs and can return home.

A label for the journey home

Your furry friend won't lose our tag from his collar or harness. We will embroider your phone number and the dog's name on the info tag so that the information cannot be overlooked. Shelter staff will see it, as well as passersby who may see the stray running around for just a moment.

Don't let your four-legged friend become a stray or a stray dog. Always help him or her get back to where they belong. Home.

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