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How to survive the holidays with your dog?

15.12.2023 00:01

Christmas and New Year's Eve are strong topics in every family. Even those who don't even want to celebrate will be affected. In particular, New Year's Eve will be marked by the wild howls of more than one dog. How to survive the holidays in peace and what to watch out for?

Christmas Eve Lent
Not only on Christmas Day, you should make sure that your partner does not eat candy and does not get treats prepared for people on the Christmas Eve board. Confectionery can be harmful due to its high sugar content, raisins or xylitol content and often the alcohol admixture – it is toxic for dogs. Fish are also dangerous - unpleasant bones can get stuck in the digestive tract. And the fat content of fried foods (fish, but also steaks) is also risky. A dog's pancreas suffers from human diet. An acute or chronic seizure may occur or diabetes may develop. Don't forget the hot oil in the pan after frying, which should stay out of reach of the furry ones, because they are able to eat it and burn their mouths and esophagus with it. You definitely don't want to find a veterinary emergency on the holidays...


Watch out for decorations
The biggest attraction is the tree. It often looks like the one from the forest and can be tempting to mark. Or nibbling or removing ornaments. Make sure that the dog does not have access to the tree if possible. Not only can he drop it and seriously injure himself, but dogs often swallow the hook from the decorations, which then seriously damages the digestive tract and can even cause death if the intestine or stomach wall is ruptured. Also think about an Advent wreath and a living flame. It easily becomes the number one danger not only for the dog, but also for the entire apartment or house. Even firefighters would like to spend the holidays in peace.

Tip: Some dogs are afraid of sparklers. If you cannot do without them, allow the dog to hide in seclusion and choose only those with a cold fire, whose sparks do not cause any damage in the apartment.


Family Socialization
Christmas is a family holiday, so everyone should be together. Which often leads to situations where the house is full of people you haven't seen all year. Not every dog is used to such noise and tolerates it well. Sometimes the ideal solution is to provide a safe shelter for the furry one, where he can find the peace he needs. For example, a kennel somewhere in a quiet corner of the room, under the table with a good view. If you don't have a kennel, it may help to move the bed to a quiet, dark place where visitors don't go (and make sure they really give him a holiday room). Some dogs also love ordinary cardboard boxes of the appropriate size, in which you cut a convenient entry hole. This way you can avoid unpleasant conflicts, tense situations and biting.


New Year's Madness
And the same practically applies to New Year's celebrations. More than half of the dogs are terrified of New Year's Eve and don't tolerate it well. On the one hand, for exuberant merriment, on the other hand, for noisy rackets. If your dog likes fireworks, doubly celebrate. How to arrange for New Year's Eve?

  •    A good tip is the aforementioned hiding places, where even a frightened dog can survive more or less in seclusion.

  •    It is also a good idea to draw the curtains and turn up the music or TV or white noise so that the shots are not heard as much.

  •    Even on this day, you should not feed the dog with human treats, but only with his food and treats. Stress can throw off your digestion more than you care to admit. Since some crazies start "shooting" already after dark, it is better to feed the dog during the day. No owner cares about stomach torsion on New Year.

  •    Owners often resort to sedation so that the furries can survive the madness. Always consult a veterinarian if it is suitable for your partner's heart. Sometimes natural calming preparations, pheromones, herbs are a better way. Properly selected aromatherapy can help or occupy the dog's head with interactive toys, games and by the presence of the master.

  •    When walking at any time during the end of the year, always think of a strong harness, from which the dog will not immediately get out, no matter what! And to be sure, it is better to have a a patch with a phone number on it, if, for example, the leash breaks and the dog simply disappears into the distance . Even a chipped dog goes through a lot of stress before someone captures it, takes it to a shelter, finds the chip in the database and contacts the owner.

  •    You can try to "go" on a mountain stay before the firecrackers. The catch is that the fireworks epidemic has already arrived in the mountains and the dates of stays are booked at least a year in advance, so it is necessary to think about it in advance or be extremely lucky.

  •    If you have an epileptic or otherwise chronically ill dog, be with him on New Year's Eve and give him as much peace as possible - otherwise there is a risk of seizures and worsening of the disease.

If during the year you didn't work on reducing your fear of firecrackers (by gradually getting used to firecrackers, for example, released from YouTube or other training methods) and your dog at least he eats a little, you can try feeding him rewards at midnight. Maybe he will associate big blows with something positive and he will be a little less afraid.


Whether you decide to spend the holidays alone somewhere in the mountains or together at the family table and with friends, always take greatest care of your fur. So that this part of the year does not become the most stressful and life-threatening for them. For them, and ultimately for you.

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