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Jacket or vest from 4dox?

21.09.2023 12:16

Jacket or vest?! That's what's going on here!

You are looking at the website 4dox, are you choosing the right training or dog clothes and decision paralysis caught you by surprise? We have 5 great tips for you that will help you choose the right 4dox piece for your wardrobe.

Jacket, vest or 2-in-1...?

The jacket is a great choice! The sleeves are finished with ribbons, so the sleeve fits nicely and keeps the wrist warm. In fact, the entire jacket will provide you with pleasant thermal comfort. This is somewhat her disadvantage. Because when it starts to warm up in the spring, an otherwise comfortable softshell jacket starts to feel warm. This is the right moment for the vest.

A vest is a practical piece. It has all the amenities of a jacket except for the sleeves. Thanks to this, it will be a little cooler inside. If you choose the right size, you can wear it over a sweatshirt or a jacket.

Only 2in1 jacket remains in this category. It's simply a jacket with detachable sleeves. Price-wise, the absolutely most advantageous clothing in our offer. You have a jacket that will keep you warm and protect you in the cold and rain. And when April Fools' Day plays with the weather, the sun shines quite intensely, so you unbutton your sleeves and you're "just right" in a perfectly fitting vest.
Don't worry, it's not some cat-dog or rat-pigeon, it's a perfect piece of clothing that we've proven for years. (We'll also put a paw in the fire for him.)

Is a frilled pocket or a zip pocket better?

That's the question... The gathered pocket is very spacious, easily accessible and certainly very practical if you are doing some activity (athletics, dog puller, nosework, etc.) or you take more things with you on walks.

Zip pocket is definitely more elegant, so you can go out with your dog in the whirlwind of the big city. At the same time, the cut of the jacket with a zipped pocket is slightly more open ;)

Something extra!
The icing on the cake is accessories for clothes - treat box in the pocket, double pocket for bags, removable light. If you absolutely need any of this? DEFINITELY YES.


Pocket Treat Box is a kind of leak-proof pocket in your pocket, where you can also put moist or slightly greasy treats. It is attached with snaps, so it can be taken out at any time, cleaned and so on.

Double pocket for bags is a very practical matter. A smaller pocket with a rubber lining is sewn on the outside of one of the front pockets. You can put a whole roll of bags in it and you will never look for them untangled in your pockets again.

What will a removable light be for you? Well, to hit home! Or to hit the key in the lock, for example. You have a light at hand, it has 3 lighting intensities, you will be able to see in the dark and it will be quite easy to look for "bobs" on your fur. And lest we forget, it is rechargeable! ;) 

Our tip
We saved the most important advice for conclusion. You must be thinking about whether it would be better to have one piece of clothing instead of the desired two. If you prefer not to choose the practical color, even if you like the not-so-practical mint. Well, trust us, it's better to buy the exact piece (or pieces) you want. Because you can't get him out of your head anyway...

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