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Positive influence of the dog on health

09.11.2023 17:41

5 reasons why a dog will save your health (and your relationship)

Of course we know that a dog is the greatest blessing for the soul. But sometimes it's good to look at it from a scientific point of view. Because what American scientists say is true. So if you've been hesitating to get another canine companion until now, here are the arguments why it's a great idea.

A dog prolongs life
And this is due to the interplay of several positive qualities. Thanks to the dog, you have more exercise, so less excess weight and a stronger cardiovascular system. At the same time, thanks to a furry friend in the home, your cholesterol and blood pressure decrease and the risk of depression decreases. Thanks to a single magic – dog owners smile more and have more happiness hormone circulating in their blood than those without a dog. Such a home canistherapy. Happy people are healthier and live longer.

Did you know?: 50% of people who seriously think about suicide do not decide to commit it because of their dog. Whom they love more than themselves and could not leave him here alone. Or he directly "talks" to them with his look, desire to play, etc.

Are you planning a family? First the dog
(almost) everyone can take care of a flower. But as soon as you have a dog at home, the question of education, approach to management, division of roles and authorities comes up really strongly. In short, absolutely perfect training for a child. With the difference that after 1 year the dog is almost an adult. However, after the first year, the child increases the demands on "don't-sleep-with-me-not-him" and the test of the relationship with the child lasts for about 18 years.

Did you know?: Children who grow up with a dog in the household suffer less from allergies and eczema, integrate more easily into the team and hone fine and gross motor skills faster. In short, a pack child develops better.

Eternal Teacher
Like it or not, every other dog in the family is a huge teacher. It develops empathy and a sense of communication, your patience, your insights, experiencing the moment here and now. Every dog handler (involuntarily) very soon learns basic anatomy, trains in discipline and a regular regimen, and over time acquires a fairly deep knowledge of the dog's psyche. And he also becomes a bit of a nutrition expert.

Teaches you to clean up
Or whatever falls on the floor/remains on the table disappears in his stomach in a few seconds. And since some dogs are also experts at swallowing toys, cosmetics and other properties, they will teach their owners to clean up after themselves quite effectively. The amount of hairs and paws on the ground also increases the efficiency and frequency of vacuuming and mopping... Which again, paradoxically, reduces the risk of allergies.

One wise proverb says: Don't curse at the scumbags on the floor. If you don't find them there, you will miss them.

Predicts diseases
Every dog has a knack for it, but only some learn to purposefully show their knack to people. We are talking about when the master is ill with something and the dog can sense an impending attack and draw attention to it. They are called signal dogs and can alert you to low sugar levels, epileptic seizures and more. In addition, the dog is also an inexpensive canistherapy, which has been proven to reduce stress and improve mood when in contact with the fur. Who has a dog is never alone. Usually not even in the toilet.

It is true that someone who sleeps with a dog in the bed has more broken sleep and is more likely to be kicked at night. Which reduces the production of melatonin, which is important for the correct biorhythm. But that's just an insignificant detail compared to all the positives that a dog brings. If you weren't sure, we recommend getting another partner. It will save your life and maybe his.

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