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Tips for Christmas gifts for the dog

21.11.2023 18:11

Gift Tips for Your Dog

So, was he naughty? If not for a while, you should think about the fact that he deserves something from Jesus. A
since the dog probably won't send you a letter with a wish list, we bring you tips and proven TOP products,
which will certainly make him happy under the tree. 

For dogs with a sweet tooth

Cheap, tasty and always favorite. This is a dog treat, which will mainly please gourmets and eternally hungry
"picky eaters" who eat some of Earth. You can tantalize his taste buds with something he hasn't eaten yet or
an extra treat for which he will sell you his soul. Modern and extra delicious are freeze-dried
(lyophilized) treats, fun is guaranteed by dried shovels or animal tendons (deer, venison).
The dog can easily spend several hours with these.


Tip: You can get your partner an irresistible
can, like a Christmas dog menu. For example, Sokol Falco sense or canned food with whole pieces of meat.

For smart heads to play with
When you have a smart dog, it is not easy to come up with new and new puzzles for him. sniffing mats or pads. Their essence is "tassels" into which feed or goodies are poured and the dog searches for them.
But even classic puzzles in the form of "drawers" on the game board can torment furry geniuses. Who
isn't too interested in intellectual entertainment will surely enjoy puppy tug-of-wars on the shock absorber
or with furry fur for variety. Especially hunters in body and soul will be crazy about this toy. For
puppies, however, we recommend reaching for a slightly different play league.

Tip: Surprisingly good the chewing root of the Mediterranean heather, which dogs like and helps to clean teeth from plaque, will also keep the partner busy. Compared to chewing bones made of buffalo hide, which can seriously endanger a dog's digestion, this
variant is much safer and healthier

I sniff, sniff, human…
Sniffing has been proven to calm the nervous system and reduce stress. Dogs like to sniff when they want to
distract from an unpleasant situation or avoid an unwanted confrontation. And it will keep their brain busy, like when we humans read a book. Give your dog a scented
toy! For example, one that smells like a sheep, a horse or even a guinea pig. You'll see how long it keeps him occupied. Just like a lick
mat – usually a silicone mat with various protrusions and dimples, which you just need to coat with
tasty dog paste or soft preserves. Licking the finest folds will give the furry one a focused and popular pastime, so you can easily trim his toenails too.

Modern entertainment times
A plush bin full of raccoons to take out? That is a challenge. A popular brand for all age
categories is Nina Ottoson, which offers a lot of interactive gadgets. They will please every dog lover, because the toys are not only filled with food, but they are also fun, they can fetch them or tug on them. The classic whistling furry monsters are boring.
toys are proud of their indestructibility, with a lifetime guarantee, also West Paw or the iconic "fillable puzzles" are again from the Kong brand.

If you are missing something at home, Jesus will certainly buy it.

What will a senior dog appreciate?
Those they don't have so many thoughts on playing and feeding that you have to count to the kibble, otherwise they will immediately
gain several kilos. They will appreciate functional gadgets for their comfort much more. Like, for example a comfortable mattress on which he sleeps his usual 20 hours a day painlessly without aggravating the pain or stiffness of aged joints. For colder weather, the perfect gift is a quality clothing that covers all the main joints, is breathable but waterproof. Such as, for example, produced by Hurtta. Or a sophisticated Back on track or Paikka outfit, which also has regenerative abilities for canine athletes or seniors. 

Whatever gift you choose for your furry friend, under the lit tree, he will certainly appreciate that you thought of him too and you will enjoy joyful and happy moments together - Happy a hairy!

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