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Types of collars and their advantages

07.08.2023 14:00

Types of collars and their benefits

The most basic equipment for dogs includes collars. Did you know that there are different types and that a different one is suitable for each fur? In our article, we will introduce you to what you can find at 4dox and why they are irreplaceable. In the menu we have a total of 4 types.

Classic collar

The first and at the same time the most popular type of collar is classic. It is suitable for almost all breeds, it is less suitable for dogs whose neck circumference is as large as their head circumference. They can take it off so easily. A semi-retractable collar is safer for such companions.

The classic collar is easy to unfasten and fasten thanks to the strong plastic buckle with a high resin content. The buckle lasts even in the dead of winter, even at -20 °C. The rings we use on them are stainless steel. Such a ring will not stretch or crack. You can easily adjust the dog's neck collar with the plastic slider, always tighten so that you can freely insert 1 to 2 fingers under it (depending on the size of the breed). We also offer a metal buckle and slider for those who don't want plastic for whatever reason.


Another type is a collar semi-retractable. It is suitable for fearful dogs and for dogs with the same head and neck circumference. You could easily pull off the classic collar. Don't worry, thanks to the sophisticated cut, the collar will not strangle your partner. It is very safe. It is pulled over the head and classically attached to the leash. You can again adjust the size on the neck using the slider. We definitely recommend the slider for this collar for younger dogs/puppies or for dogs that change their coat or condition significantly.

Closed Collar

Furthermore, you can find a collar closed. It does not have a buckle, which is its great advantage. It is very strong and safe. The disadvantage is slightly worse handling. It is put on around the neck by loosening it as much as possible, putting it on and tightening it again. It is suitable for permanent wearing, as constant putting on and taking off is more time-consuming. It is also ideal for guard dogs or service dogs.

Collar for hunting dogs

The last type is a collar for hunting dogs. It is suitable for dogs with complete growth. A strong, flexible rubber is sewn between its ends. There are 2 rings at the ends of the collar to which the leash is fastened. The idea is to easily pull it out in case the dog gets stuck behind it somewhere in the woods. It is not possible to sew it with a slider, so it cannot be loosened. It is therefore suitable for adult dogs. Ideal for hunting dogs, dogs working in the forest or rescue (rescue) dogs.

On ALL OUR COLLARS, we can embroider your name, phone number and symbols, such as paws, upon request.

In order for the fur to be visible in the dark and in winter, a reflective edging can be sewn onto all types of collars, which reflects light up to a distance of 200m.

Universal label

If you do not want to embroider the name and phone number on the collar, we can offer a practical label. You can easily attach it with Velcro to anything your four-legged friend wears (collar, harness). Thanks to this, your dog is safely marked and will not get lost.

Why a collar from 4dox?

We sew using flat, safety seams, which consist of several stitches. If you break any one or even several dozen stitches, the collar will never fray and will remain strong.

We only use reliable components and rings. They will not rust, stretch or crack. They will stay with the dog for its entire life.

We will embroider the name of the furry person on the collar, and especially the phone number. This will ensure that if he gets lost, he has a chance to get back to your home as soon as possible.

Straps are Czech-made, tested for tension and market.

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