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Why should dogs eat pumpkin?

20.10.2023 12:36

Sometimes manufacturers include it in feed. Little. At the same time, pumpkin is miraculous for dogs and you will regret not giving it to your furry friend sooner.

Is pumpkin suitable for dogs?

Pumpkin as a dog superfood - why is it healthier than rice?

Barfarists already know how much goodness is hidden in this orange ball, because they add it to the feed in abundance when it ripens. This underrated fruit (not a vegetable!) with miraculous effects is also extremely tasty for dogs!

Pumpkin is rich…
…In many vitamins and minerals. It contains vitamins A, E and C, copper, manganese, magnesium, potassium, zinc or even iron. The orange color indicates that it contains a lot of beta-carotene, and then also antioxidants. So it supports strong immunity, strengthens the heart, slows down aging and improves vision. Even! We find cucurbitin in pumpkin seeds, which paralyzes worms in the digestive tract. Feed the pulp and seeds to the dog and the parasites will start to go away on their own. However, grind or chop the seeds beforehand so that the digestive juices do not pass through the tract unused (serve only raw seeds, not salted or roasted).

Did you know...?: Dogs can make some vitamin C and K on their own. Sometimes, however, it is necessary to add it to their body as well.

Savior in case of diarrhea
And now the main thing. In addition to the aforementioned, we find an extraordinary amount of soluble fiber in pumpkin. And up to six times more than in rice. Therefore, it is recommended to give it to the dog (either raw or slightly overcooked, in the form of a puree) when he suffers from diarrhea. Blend the raw pumpkin for it. Fiber can "bring the intestines back to their original, functional state", coats the intestinal wall with a gel, slows down the passage of digested food through the stomach into the intestines, and replenishes the body with important potassium, which is most lacking in the body during diarrhea. It can also absorb water, which thickens the stool.

If your pet has diarrhea for more than a day, is running really often, or has gray stools or even traces of blood, don't rely on diet and see a vet.

Both dogs and humans
But this autumn queen can also help with the opposite problem – constipated. Again, thanks to the fiber, which is not lost even when boiled (which has a positive effect also on your dog's anal glands when used for a longer period of time). By the way, it also has the same effect on the human digestive tract, so feel free to add it to your pumpkin soup!

You can make pumpkin puree as a "first aid" for digestive problems at home yourself. Boil the pumpkin until soft, blend, fill in jars and store in the fridge. You can also let the puree freeze into ice cubes and use it, for example, in the hot summer for variety.

Don't have a pumpkin? Try oil
It's not the same, but pumpkin oil will also help the dog's organism to a small miracle. Prevents the formation of kidney stones and strengthens the urinary tract. It also balances insulin levels, improves the quality of fur and skin. If you don't have pumpkin or seeds at home, try to get at least oil. It will delight (both of you!) with its color and taste.

How much of a miracle is needed?
Ideally give your dog 1-4 teaspoons of pumpkin in in any form for feeding, proportional to its size. Don't worry, with some exceptions, dogs really like it. In addition, it is dietary and since the furry person feels fuller for longer after it, he may even lose a little weight (if you are dealing with a little excess weight).

Recipe tip: Do you like to bake? Try taking 1 egg, 100 g of flour, 100 g of minced meat and 150 g of pumpkin. Mix, mix and spread on baking paper in a layer of about 1 cm. Bake at 180°C for about 25 minutes and you can cut into cubes. Yum!

Watch out for too much vitamin
Maybe you've heard that too much of everything is bad. Therefore, be careful of an overdose of vitamin A (which can easily occur with pumpkin, there is a lot of it). It can be manifested by vomiting, apathy, skin problems, bone thinning. But you would have to give your furry friend about 40 spoons of pumpkin a day.

So hooray for pumpkins! Definitely do not throw them away and use them until the last seed, from which you can grow a pumpkin again next year. Your dog will thank you.

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