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Long line leash - mud proof - customized leash

Long line leash - mud proof - customized leash

The long line leash is a long leash (5 to 10 m), which is made of waterproof biothane webbing. It is suitable not only for tracking but also for training, for example, for recall.

Detail informations
* Length


Choose the total length of the leash.

* Carabiner leashes

Carabiner leashes

The carabiner on the leash is used for fastening to the ring on the collar. We offer these types of carabiners.

Nickel-plated iron carabiner - this is a fixed carabiner. After about 2 years of use, the nickel coating may wear off a little. Nothing changes in terms of functionality. You can support the original appearance by polishing with a cloth with oil.

Stainless steel carabiner - The strongest carabiner, still silver even after years.

Safety carabiner

* Ear leash

Ear leash

Here you choose whether you want an ear on the tracking lead or not.

* Express production

Express production

Need a quick birthday gift?

Are you going to an exhibition or a camp?

If you are in a hurry for the product, we offer an express production service. We will sew the product within 3 working days after crediting the money to the account and send it.

The surcharge for pre-ordering your order is 6,29 € per product. The reason is a change in the production plan.

Color tracking lead

Color tracking lead

The strap is 16 mm wide and is not lined with softshell, like other strap products. The colors may have different shades than the classic straps that you can find in our offer.

The strap is the supporting element of the collar, harness and leash. The tracking leash is made of biothane webbing, which is waterproof and, since it is coated with PVC material, it has much more durability than ordinary webbing. The strap does not rub or pull out.

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The long line leash is a long leash that can be used for tracking or recall training. The leash is made of biothane webbing that has a smooth soft texture. The strap is waterproof and since it is coated with PVC material, it has much more durability compared to conventional straps. The strap does not chafe or pull out. If, for example, the strap gets dirty after being dragged on the ground, it can be easily rinsed with water.

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