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Dog wardrobe guide: when and how to dress your dog?

12.02.2024 07:19

Dog Dressing is a big topic lately. There are many supporters, but also opponents. Some are against it and some wouldn't go out without a dressed up dog. In the same way, dressing has its pros and cons. Certain rules apply how it should work for the best of the dog. 

How do I know if my dog is cold?

Every owner knows his dog best, therefore dressing is very individual for individuals. Only you will recognize small deviations from normal behavior. Moments when your dog doesn't feel fit. The most common expression of winter is the same as for humans, the dog starts the so-called knock scythe. Some dogs also bark due to stress, the owner has to distinguish that. If your partner is knocking when you're wearing shorts, it's probably not winter. Another hint may come in the form of a change in behavior. Lots of dogs slow down outside. This is the same with humans, frozen athletes will not perform at their best. So if on a walk your dog walks annoyed behind you and doesn't fly around the trees as usual, it's time to think about whether good to buy a jacket. Other symptoms include whining, but as most of us probably know a lot of furries just talk to us. < /o:p>

What to look for when choosing clothes for your dog

Now the question is what type to choose. there are already so many options on the market that many dog owners do not know what to do. Which and when to choose. It will be easiest to imagine it on yourself when it's freezing outside and you're wearing three socks, several layers of t-shirts and sweatshirts and a down winter jacket on top of that, so it probably wouldn't be out of place to give your dog just a raincoat. But we also have to be careful what type of coat our breed has. Some dogs have no undercoat and others are protected by a large layer of hair . So we should take into account these main factors: the body structure, the coat of the dog and the state of health. Whether he lives indoors or outdoors and the weather.

Normal constructionhere we are talking about whether the dog is skinny, or with a little more subcutaneous fat. We will definitely dress a greyhound warmer than a husky.

Health conditionif our pet suffers from any diseases, weakened kidneys or urinary tract, painful back or arthrosisu. For such weakened individuals, we should choose a layer for more.

Home or outdoorsnowadays most dogs live indoors in heated apartments, therefore the temperatures outside are much more different for them than those they are used to. However, even an outdoor dog doesn't have to spend the whole night wet in the kennel. So in the rain it is good to hook them into a raincoat.

Weather – lately the weather has been changing a lot and is quite unpredictable - alternating between rain, sun and wind. That's why there are lots of different types of jackets.

TIP! Jou with your dog life partners? Tell the world with coordinated, tailored clothing. We'll make a collar, harness or leash for the furry one, and you'll get a matching vest or jacket. Take a look at the whole menu.

Types of jackets for dogs all year round

Let's take it from the beginning of the "dressing season". Which jacket for a dog is suitable for what. S first problems and temperature fluctuationswe experience in morning frosts, when we go for a walk before work. If it is dry and not raining at the moment, it is appropriate to choose light sweater or sweatshirt for the dog. Most of the dog's body stays warm and the fur is comfortable. The dog can only pee, so it doesn't generate the heat needed to warm up, so something warmer is better. After that, it starts to rain in autumn. A raincoat for a dog is ideal for rain, it is not insulated in any way, so the dog can wear it even for longer walks where he runs a lot. He won't be warm in it, but he will stay dry. In December, it starts to sleet and freeze. winter insulated jackets are suitable for this time. They are much thicker and warmer than an ordinary raincoat, but the rule still applies that the dog stays dry. Different types of jackets can be combined together, so you don't have to panic and look into your wallet because you have to buy ten jackets.

Risk groups for colds

Deserves a lot of attention puppies and older dogs. Small puppies do not have developed thermoregulation, so we have to help them warm up . Senior dogs, on the other hand, do not exercise enough outside to keep themselves warm, moreover, they are already older and may have painful joints or back, therefore will appreciate shorter walks in winter and in clothes. We shouldn't forget about small breeds either. They are closer to the cold ground and shed more snow than, for example, a Doberman.

Practicality for dogs that live at home 

A lot of people don't go out in the rain or wet just because they have to spend hours washing my petbecause he goes to bed or couch. At the same time, it is enough if you choose the right jacket that covers the necessary parts of the body , you come home and just wipe your paws with a towel. The jacket should primarily cover the body core of the dog, i.e. the chest and back. Warm and safe should be large and important joints and muscles, i.e. shoulders and hips and thighs. overalls are perfect for autumn walks in the mud. It is from the paws to the base of the tail. So the fur will remain completely clean. Overalls are a great solution even in the snow, because of the snowballs that long-haired dogs form. 

Outfits not only for dog athletes for good recovery

As the last group we have clothes suitable for dog athletes . These clothes have a special fiber in them that helps the regeneration of muscles and joints after physical activity. They are useful not only for sporting dogs, but also for dogs with health problems in the area of the locomotor system. they are also dog seniors welcome with joy. The blankets underneath keep the dog pleasantly warm. After training on the way home, they are a great helper.

Size matters

Correct measurements are key to comfortable clothing. The measurement should mainly include chest, back length and neck circumference.

Clothing and harness: do they go together?

A frequent question is whether it is possible to combine harness with jacket. The answer is definitely YES. Most of the better suits have a zip pocket to pull the eyelet from the harness so don't worry if you're used to a harness and not a collar. Our smart harness is perfect for this, the eyelet goes exactly to the hole intended for it.

Walking in style

Many dog owners take care of their appearance. When you go on a trip, or go on vacation to the mountains, or go to the city for a coffee, you can get along with your sweetheart. Our offer winter jackets and coats is wide, so you can choose different style combinations. For females, you can choose the color < /span>lilac/blueberry, or garnet coat. On the contrary, a jacket in mint/turquoise color for the boy. At first sight, everyone will know that you belong together. Well, say, wouldn't it be great to have the same color jacket with your dog?

Safety is most important

The thing we all wish for is our canine companion to be safe when walking. It gets dark before most of us get outside in the winter, so it's a good idea to have our dog visible in low visibility. Just like we people wear on jackets or on pants reflective elements, it is important that even dogs they had a reflex on their jackets, collars, harnesses and leashes, they are easier to see and won't surprise any cyclist or hiker. Another necessary part of the dog walker in the winter season is a light. Whether it's ours or the dog's. The solution for people is simple, our practical lighting from the pocket, so that we don't reach out somewhere in the forest. We have more options for dogs here. One of them is a luminous collar, but it is often not visible with the combination of jacket and hair. We found the perfect solution…. Orbiloc lamp. It has many advantages, for example long and strong luminosity, or various color variants, thanks to which you can distinguish your dogs if you have more than one. You look into the distance and see that the green is Azor, the blue is Alík and the pink is Ája. And that's not all, the best part is that you can pin it on anything, so even on top of the dog's jacket and you can see the dog dressed up.< span style="mso-spacerun: yes;"> 

Do you have a head full of questions or do you want to go for a walk in style and get yourself and your canine partner a tailored piece? Contact us!

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