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Camille Nguyen, France
Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer & Certified Canine Strength and Conditioning Coach, camillenguyen.com

The 4dox Comfort Plus harness tops my list when it comes to recommendations for my clients. It strikes a flawless equilibrium between adjustability, flexibility, and durability. As a canine fitness trainer, ensuring that dogs can move naturally and comfortably in their daily activities is my utmost priority. However, for those with more specific requirements, such as sensitive pups or those with unique structures, the 4dox custom-made harnesses reign supreme. They offer unparalleled support and comfort tailored precisely to individual needs.

Laetitia Gonnon, Swiss
Professionnel dog trainer certificated and dog dancer. Dog fitness trainer certificated. Winner of international Dog dancing competition in Swiss 2023. Second on International freestyle Cruft 2024. And much more.

I recommande 4dox to any handler who loves to be outside with the dogs, whatever the weather is ! 4dox products are so practical, comfortable, and make my dog trainer everyday life easier. The products are made with good quality materials, and you can see that they are designed by passion. I work full time as a dog trainer, and on my spare time I’m training my dog to international level of dog dancing (we are Swiss champion 2023 and second place at international freestyle at crufts 2024). So my 4dox jacket comes with me from Monday to Sunday!

Verena Verones, Switzerland
Active dogdancer and International judge

As an active dogdancer and as a dogdancer judge I am traveling throughout Europe - and always accompanied by my dog and always accompanied by my great jacket from 4dox! The jacket protects me from rain, cold and has so many pockets that everything has place! And every day I get compliments because the jacket looks incredibly good!.

Sylvia Sanchez - Habersaat, Switzerland
Dog trainer, owner of Dogdance school in Switzerland, owner of two dog and great sport fun.
5place in FCI  European Dogdance championship 2023 in Heelwork to Music 
6place in FCI European Dogdance championship 2023 in freestyle 

The 4dox jacket is absolutely perfect and exactly what I needed. It has everything to make life easier with 2 dogs. For example -I used it last night because Joey wasn't well and I had to take him out in the middle of the night. No lights here in the swiss mountains and it was raining. I love so much to have a light!!! Just perfect , really and that's not publicity .You must try it !! 

Šárka Kruťová Scagliarini 
FCI Judge, DDI judge , licensed trainer for dogdancing and Czech team leader for World championship 2024

4DOX is my first supplier of Dog Training dresses due to the high quality of the textiles and the high functionality of the solutions used. Textiles are in fact very strong against accidental friction with sting, dogs nails and other sharp corners; both jackets or pants warrant a great wearability both in winter or summer versions. Many other functional dresses or accessories are available as integrated lights ,feeding bag, detachable sleeves etc… I strongly recommend these dresses to anyone to comfortably spend time with your dogs in training or only for nice walks full of fun.

Ing. Helena Hejzlarová
Dog trainer and certified Hersenwerk instructor

I came across the company 4dox a few years ago based on the recommendation of a friend. As a dog trainer, I was not only looking for equipment for my dogs, but I was also looking for someone I couldrecommend to my clients. 4dox products are minimalistic in design, very practical and also extremely well-thought-out and high-quality. I have tried everything from their products, but the most common product that I recommend because it is in high demand is treats and harnesses. I have absolutely nothing to complain about their execution, I really only have good experiences with their products and my clients confirm the same. Their services are also excellent, they are always very willing to advise on the selection, help with measurements and, if it is within their capabilities, then they are not opposed to any minor adjustments according to the individual wishes of the customer. I definitely wouldn't change myself :)

Jana Schubertová
Prestigious dachshund breeder

I've been using 4dox collars on all my female dogs for some time now and I'm not looking for another one (finally!). Considering that I work with females during training in the field, the load on the collars is quite significant - water, mud,bushes... However, they can be washed without any problems. What I appreciate most is their lightness and the possibility of wearing them all day, no less also their easy identification without the need to hang tags that jingle and thus disturb the dog at work. I also recommended these collars to the owners of my breedings, some orders have already been placed, others are yet to arrive :)

Bára Nesvadbová
Editor-in-chief, writer and animal lover

Beds from 4dox are loved by all three of our dogs, regardless of size, gender or age. I also regularly push cats out of them :-). But the retrievers always win.

Bc. Kateřina Plačková
CCRP Physiotherapist operating the Physiodog Praha rehabilitation center

We have been using Comfort plus harnesses from 4dox in animal physiotherapy for several years. Thanks to the fact that we work with dogs with mobility impairments, the harnesses have passed a rather large stress test. Their cut meets our increased requirements for anatomical-physiological functionality, and at the same time they are also very user-friendly. They are very easy to put on, can be adjusted in several places and thus ensure an excellent fit of the harness to different sizes and body shapes of dogs. But what is most important from our point of view? Of course, the pull of the harness is distributed evenly on the back muscles and does not overload any part of the dog excessively. Another important feature is that it allows free movement of the scapula and shoulder joint. Especially with the dog's shoulder, this is very important. I also recommend Comfort plus harnesses to my clients because my personal experience is excellent.

Markéta Krejčí
CertCAAPR dogRepair - animal physiotherapy Brno

Products from 4dox belong to the equipment of every real dog lover. I succumbed too, be
cause there is no reason to resist. As a dog owner I appreciate the quality, the endless possibilities of designs, colours and above all the kind and professional approach. As a dog physiotherapist, I immensely appreciate the harness options, their custom-made design, simplicity, lightness and fit. Nothing is impossible at 4dox and even individual requests are readily dealt with.

Lucie Gabrielová
International obedience judge, steward, trainer and active competitor

I have been using a training vest from 4dox for 4 years and I don't know any better. Great gadgets, pockets, material and workmanship. I have tried several brands, but 4dox looks like new even after 4 years and a wash here and there. And I use it all year round and almost every day. I was equally enthusiastic last winter in my winter pants. Comfortable, warm and indestructible. All ten for me.

Soňa Šabacká
Trainer of the KZJ ČR organization, national judge, holder of the first performance class in rescue work

With multiple dogs you need to name the collars too, otherwise you'll be groping and trying to figure out which is whose :)))) and thanks to 4dox I don't have to ? Seriously, the large selection of products and colors, fast delivery and friendly atmosphereis why I shop here. And the products are stylish, decent and functional.

Veronika Lesiuková
Dog trainer and coach

Classic jacket 2in1 - this is the jacket I decided to try for 4dox with our whole pack and I have to say I am really excited. You choose the colour, you can combine it with a diff
erent colour sleeve, I find the extended version ideal. You choose a patch on the back in the form of text and/or picture, you wait 20-40 days for delivery, because golden Czech hands take care of the production and then you just wear, train, exercise, walk, in short everything that is needed with dogs. 

Viktória Obetková
International Dog
Dancing judge, Basic obedience instructor, Certified Dogfrisbee judge

I have been satisfied with 4dox products for several years. The stitching is always precise and accurate. The materials and components used are of high quality, they have never failed. Most of all, I have always liked the fact that I can play around with configurations that I can spend hours of time on, because I can't decide on just one option from such a wide range. When I needed advice, I always got a quick response and they were happy to work with me to resolve my requirements. They adjusted the measurements and tailored everything to fit. I have really tried and tested the products and use them regularly. You can tell that at 4dox they sew based on years of experience and their products are highly usable for dog walkers from a variety of industries. Plus, their designs are sympathetically stylish. Suddenly, one stops being ashamed of being a doggie: perpetually covered in mud, drool and treat f
lakes. 4dox has a solution for that too. That's why I'm so happy that such a high quality and unique brand can be associated with the creation of my merch "How to be with a dog".

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