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What from Santa Claus for dog owners?

05.12.2023 22:56

5 gift ideas for dog lovers and dog lovers

It's coming. A shining tree, excited expectations, a stuffed tummy. For dog lovers at heart and soul, we have a few tips on what they should definitely not miss at home and what they could write to Santa about at the last minute...

Stylish clothes for dog owners

Clothes make a person and so do dog owners. Quality training clothing can do wonders, it will improve the owner's mood and thanks to this the dog will also feel great - it will suddenly be more obedient. A warm and cozy jacket that won't blow out and has plenty of practical pockets where you can fit a cell phone, frisbee and a small snack is an absolute must for winter outings. Wide selection of cuts and colors, even even for men we have lovingly sewn into stock, so you can order even at the last minute. But if you are hesitating about the size, color or you missed the order, feel free to reach for the gift voucher.

Without a treat or blow

Few dog owners still have pamlskovnik. This practical gadget acts like a magnet for many dogs, so it's just as useful, even if it's not full of goodies. A good dog handler has several treats and alternates them according to mood, type of training or outfit. You will never offend a dog owner with a treat! 

When parenting doesn't work
If your partner isn't walking the way you'd imagine, still you struggle a bit and bother each other, bet on an online course. They won't teach you socialization there, you have to train in the field, but they will teach you to think a little differently, understand the dog and find tips on how to explain your wishes and ideas to him. Proven leaders include the Františka Šusty courses, dog school courses Aire bull activities or Koira dog schools . It can be a gift that will change your human-dog life and the way you look at those four-legged creatures.

Ready for anything
Hounds are tough and durable. They are in the field in winter, in summer, in rain, blizzard and during a hurricane (small breeds don't go for walks, but rather let kites fly). Therefore, more than mugs and T-shirts with the breed, they will appreciate practical and functional equipment, such as a quality headlamp to see even after dark, a luminous collar or collar light of your partner or even a GPS locator. Some dogs walk too freely, and such a GPS locator will save the owner a lot of gray hair (for example, the popular Tractive). Correct equipment with reflective elements can save many lives after dark.

Barefoot or shod?

Between dog lovers there are eternal debates which the shoes are the best for all terrains, they don't get wet, they don't slip and they are also suitable for running while playing sports with the dog. At the same time, however, dog owners would rather buy a quality raincoat for their dog than proper footwear for the forest. Hunting boots, tall forest boots, which are built for any terrain, do not get wet and keep you warm in winter, are gaining great popularity. Their purchase price is usually about the same as a bag of better kibble, so under the tree every good dog lover will be pleased that Santa was spending instead of him.


The absolute best gift for dog owners and dog lovers is when they can be with their family and all their beloved furry friends for Christmas. Think about it and enjoy the holidays together in peace and warmth.

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