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  • Video Harness comfort plus - lime
Harness comfort plus - lime

Harness comfort plus - lime

Fixed adjustable harness for all dogs.

Lime strap and turquoise lining.

Fully adjustable, well-fitting harness suitable for small, medium and large and strong dogs. Also suitable for growing large breed puppies. Healthy "Y" cut. The harness is recommended by prestigious dog therapists all over Europe.

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Fully adjustable, well-fitting harness suitable for small, medium, large and strong dogs. Also suitable for growing puppies of large breeds. Healthy "Y" cut. The harness is recommended by prestigious dog therapists all over Europe.

What makes Harness comfort plus so unique?

The harness has been selected and recommended by renowned dog therapists due to its unique features: Kateřina Plačková, CCRPS, Physiodog Praha, Inge van Harte, dog instructor Hersenwerk Holandsko, Monique Bladder, dog behaviour therapist, CBATI.

The cut of the harness is designed and tested to fit perfectly to most types of dogs. The harness design and full 5-point adjustable system ensure that the harness does not compress the breathing tube, lymphatic tract, or soft abdominal tissues. It also does not restrict shoulder joints or cause back blockages. The harness can be fastened in 2 places to ensure perfect centring on the dog's body. It also ensures that the harness does not roll when pulling on the leash.

The harness is fully lined, which means it never rubs behind the front legs.

The leash can be attached in 3 places. On the chest, behind the neck at the shoulder and on the back. Depending on the job and activity you want to do with your dog. This system will help you in training your dog to walk at your feet - limits the pulling on the leash. You have maximum and "online" control over your dog.

The harness is lightweight, so the dog does not even know that he is wearing it. Because it is not "flat" on the back, but strapped, it still allows the dog to naturally bristle on the back - and thanks to that you have a better opportunity to communicate with the dog.

Video with this harness HERE


We sewed the Comfort plus and Comfort Plus slim harness in sizes S, M, L, XL and XXL.

Measure the dog according to the instructions and then choose the right size.

The number that is given after the plus is the reserve, by how much the given part of the harness will be loosened.

Size A - B : from shoulder to sternum (please do not confuse with neck circumference) 

Dimension A - D : back part from the shoulder to the place where the string is tied. 

Dimension B - C : the lower part from the sternum to the place where the string is tied.

Dimension D - C - D : chest circumference.

 Use a string or leash, and tie it around the widest part of the dog's chest. Then measure the circumference around the string. Leave the string tied for the next measurement.

Product code comfort_plus_limetka
Warranty 2 years

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Adéla Marie Hulejová 20.01.2023 09:09 (Unverified rating)

Monika Zelená 14.10.2022 19:27 (Unverified rating)

Satisfaction fits well and the color is great

Marie Kuťková 16.06.2022 12:06 (Unverified rating)

This is not the first time we have ordered from the 4dox brand, we have only ever had them tailored to the dog, now we needed them as soon as possible because of the puppy's spine, hence the stock option. The size fits the dog perfectly, the beauty will still grow with them. Beautifully explained measurements of the dog, one cannot go wrong. As always, at first sight and touch one simply knows the quality of this harness but also other products of this brand. We ordered one day and picked up the next morning, so absolutely great delivery. We are definitely not ordering for the last time, as soon as we grow out of it this brand will be the only choice. Because at this price, it's absolutely perfect and second to none.

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