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Leash with a reflective tape, CHOCO

Leash with a reflective tape, CHOCO

Leash with a padded handle and woven reflective tape. Therefore you can be visible even in the dark up to a distance of 200 m.

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Leash with a padded soft handle and woven reflective tape.

It reflects the light up to a distance of 200 m.

Therefore you can be well seen during evening walks. It ensures the safety of yourself and your dog.

Option no. 1 - for small to medium dogs.

Length 1.5 m

Width 2 cm

Thickness 2 mm

Variant no.2 - for medium to larger dogs

Length 1.5 m

Width 2.5 cm

Thickness 2 mm

Product code voditko_reflex_coko
Warranty 2 years

7 reviews and 3 user reviews

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01.02.2023 13:10 (Unverified rating)

Petra Čoupková 14.10.2022 17:57 (Unverified rating)

Veronika Murzynová 10.10.2022 11:27 (Unverified rating)

It looks solid enough, the reflective strip is a nice detail especially for evening or early morning walks. The length of the leash is just right, at least on the brown color you won't see any mud right away :)

Alena Škodova 07.10.2022 17:03 (Unverified rating)

Tereza Reimannová 06.10.2022 09:31 (Unverified rating)

Simple with a comfortable handle

Markéta Lukášková, JP Pneu,s.r.o. 05.10.2022 10:37 (Unverified rating)

We got it as a gift, as a guide "to the forota" good

Jitka Barvířová 05.10.2022 09:18 (Unverified rating)

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