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Switch guide - customized leash Customized

Switch guide - customized leash

Leash adjustable to 3 different lengths. Total length 2-4 m. Convenient if you need to change leash lengths frequently - city vs. countryside.

Detail informations
* Strap width

Strap width

Choose the width of the strap according to the size of your dog. The wider the strap, the stronger the harness. Metal and plastic parts are subsequently stronger and heavier. Under the strap we sew a lining, i.e. the padding of the harness, which expands the harness by 3-8 mm on each side, proportionally according to the chosen width of the strap.

An approximate recommendation for a suitable strap width is as follows:


* Length


Choose the total length of the leash.

* Leash padding

Leash padding

Padding the ear or the entire leash will ensure a very comfortable lead for the dog.

WITHOUT padding

Ear padding

Full leash padding

* Carabiner leashes

Carabiner leashes

The carabiner on the leash is used for fastening to the ring on the collar. We offer these types of carabiners.

Nickel-plated iron carabiner - this is a fixed carabiner. After about 2 years of use, the nickel coating may wear off a little. Nothing changes in terms of functionality. You can support the original appearance by polishing with a cloth with oil.

Stainless steel carabiner - The strongest carabiner, still silver even after years.

Safety carabiner - Aluminum carabiner with screw lock. It is 69 mm long and has an exceptional load capacity of 490 kg. Made from a material used in the aerospace industry, it offers extreme resistance to corrosion and wear while maintaining a surprising lightness, weighing only 15 g.

* Leash carabiner cover

Leash carabiner cover

WITHOUT carabiner cover

The carabiner's cover is made of a practical hard softshell in the same color as the leash pad. It is firmly sewn to the leash at the point above the carabiner. It does not limit the opening and closing of the carabiner in any way. But it has an amazing function of protecting the dog's neck or spine, especially for small dogs or short-haired dogs, the movement of the carabiner falling on the dog's body is very unpleasant.



Embroidery is optional. You can have the dog's name and phone number embroidered, or just the name or just the phone. The color of the embroidery can be matched with the color of the lining. You can choose the embroidery font from several options. The phone number embroidery font is always the same to maintain legibility.

Additional graphics before + behind the embroidery text
* Express production

Express production

Need a quick birthday gift?

Are you going to an exhibition or a camp?

If you are in a hurry for the product, we offer an express production service. We will sew the product within 3 working days after crediting the money to the account and send it.

The surcharge for pre-ordering your order is 9 € per product. The reason is a change in the production plan.

Strap color

Strap color

Select the color you like by clicking on the color scale.

The strap is the supporting element of the collar, harness and leash.

The strap is made to order in the Czech Republic from polypropylene and is woven from 282 threads. Its thickness is 1.6 mm and tensile strength 1682 kilograms. You can choose from 15 colors.

A professional sewing machine will ensure that the collar, harness or leash does not tear, split or crack. We use special safety flat seams with automatic stitching. The clip is thus held by 100 - 200 flat stitches. Thanks to UV-resistant threads and tensile testing, the stitch will not evaporate and the embroidery will not fade. Practicality and functionality are just as important to us as quality workmanship. The nice appearance of the product will last for several years with daily use.

Example of a flat safety stitch:

Padding color

Padding color

The lining of the product is its padding. This ensures that the product is pleasant for the dog, soft and does not rub the skin or fur anywhere.

The materials we use for padding are tested for longevity, have high color stability and UV resistance.

Softshell - one of the most popular materials we all know. It does not absorb water, if it gets wet it dries quickly. It is very well maintained, just wipe with a damp cloth. Alternatively, wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees. The material can withstand heavy handling, running in the forest, bathing in mud. It doesn't twitch.

Choose the color of the lining to match your dog, the selected color of the strap and also the color of the embroidery. Or to your style :-)

Embroidery color
Embroidery text

Embroidery text

Enter the text that will be embroidered on the strap. You can see its representation in the main window.

The text will be embroidered exactly as you entered in the white window. If the diacritics are not displayed correctly in the main window, it is possible. The embroidery is guided by the text entered in the white window.

Please enter only text in this box, there is a separate field below for the phone number.

The length of the text is limited by the size of the collar, if you reach the limit, the system will not let you continue and you will not be able to fit the entire text, please write to us, we will check the technical options for your order individually.

Symbol color
Additional requests:
We manufacture in 3-4 weeks
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A customized leash? Yes, why not? Choose the type of cut, stitching, strap colour, ear padding colour and custom embroidery. The dog's name or a clear instruction: 'Do not pet' 'In training'. Don't have your leash yet? Then choose one!

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