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Long line leash  NEON orange 23,60 19,83 -13 %

Long line leash NEON orange

Waterproof leash - tracker, 5 or 8 m long - suitable for training recall. You can drag the leash through the fields and in the mud, it can withstand everything - water and mud will slide off easily.

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23,60 19,83
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A tracking lead leash is a long leash that can be used for tracking or recall training.

The tracking leash is made of a biothane strap that has a smooth and soft texture.

The strap is waterproof and since it is coated with PVC material, it is much more resistant in comparison with conventional straps.

The strap does not chafe or pull out.

If the strap gets dirty, for example after being dragged on the ground, it can be easily rinsed with water.

The width of the strap is 15 mm.



5 m - with a handle

8 m - without a handle

Product code stopovacka_neon
Warranty 2 years

19 reviews and 6 user reviews

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Veronika Růžičková 07.07.2024 10:38 (Unverified rating)

Beautiful material, pleasant to the hand. I recommend it to everyone.

Marie Maurerova 06.06.2024 04:30 (Unverified rating)

Alena Haklová 21.02.2024 10:54 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 24.10.2023 09:30 (Unverified rating)

Daniela Kubincová 29.06.2023 09:51 (Unverified rating)

Super, fairly lightweight so ideal for outdoor walks, well maintained.

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 13.05.2023 12:26 (Unverified rating)


The customer wanted to remain anonymous 13.05.2023 12:26 (Unverified rating)


The customer wanted to remain anonymous 11.04.2023 09:32 (Unverified rating)

Ilona Nefová 01.03.2023 10:32 (Unverified rating)

Michaela Oliberiusová 07.02.2023 11:39 (Unverified rating)

Denisa Šináglová 24.01.2023 19:18 (Unverified rating)

01.10.2022 21:02 (Unverified rating)

Eva Trtková 07.08.2022 09:28 (Unverified rating)

Jana Kobosilová 10.07.2022 07:51 (Unverified rating)

Hana Lukášová 27.06.2022 10:30 (Unverified rating)

Great tracker, so far it seems indestructible, we will see after multiple uses. So far we have tried it on a week's holiday and I am delighted, the dirt is easy to wipe off, the neon colour is beautifully visible so even a black dog is still visible. I was a bit worried if it would be too heavy for a mini poodle, but on the contrary, she seems to realise that she is easier to trap, so maybe the tracker will help in training like this.

Lucie Krejčová 26.05.2022 18:29 (Unverified rating)

Oldřich Jelínek Jelínek 18.05.2022 15:43 (Unverified rating)

Solid leash and great as a tracker - especially in wet conditions - doesn't suck water. I think it's great.

Karol Dittinger 16.05.2022 09:01 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 28.04.2022 11:34 (Unverified rating)

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