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Sniffing blanket fringes

Sniffing blanket fringes

Sniffing brain teaser for advanced dogs. The fringes are 15 cm long and they are densely sewn. The dog has to search through each fringe for treats.

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The fringes are 15 cm long and they are densely sewn. The dog has to search through each fringe for treats.

Video - example of working with fringes here

What are sniffing blankets - Hersenwerk?

The blankets are made based on the findings of Hersenwerk.

The colours that are selected are only those that dogs can clearly see and their combinations.

We really did our's best when we were developing the blankets, and the Dutch have a share in the themes and systems. At 4dox we have licensed production of this brand and use the Hersenwerk logo to confirm the authenticity of the approved blankets.

And how do blankets work?

 Spread the blanket on a non-slip surface, ideally a low carpet. You let the dog watch, but not interfere yet. Place small treats in the hiding places in the blanket (the treats must be training - that means the dog does not have to bite while working). After distributing the treats (for example at 8-10 places), we instruct the dog - to sniff or to take. The dog quickly understands what to do. The dog's goal is to figure out how to get each treat. Its snout and paws will help to uncover individual parts of the blanket. Let the dog work for a maximum of 20 minutes. Even if it doesn't seem like it, it's very stressful for him mentally. It helps him to develop brain activity. The dog will be contentedly tired as if he had been running.

 When your dog is sniffing, you should be a part of it. If the dog feels your support, it will feel more confident. Do not praise him after finding the treat. If he couldn't find one, it doesn't matter, the goal is not to find as many treats as possible, but the sniffing itself. So if you want to make your dog tired and calm him down, the blanket is the right one for you.

We have blankets with 3 levels of difficulty. For beginners, we recommend the labyrinth, hearts and pom-poms. For middle advanced, we recommend slippers and fringes. For advanced users, we recommend fringes and balls.

The blankets are made from a combination of synthetic chamois (abrasion-resistant) and microfibre (hair does not stick). Velcro fasteners with covering are located below. The blanket can be attached to the carpet with a zip. The blanket is fully washable.

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