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Headband pink-black No. 7 18,69 15,71 -16 %

Headband pink-black No. 7

Beautiful paw headbands with an inner hair layer with woven silver, so therefore they are antibacterial.

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18,69 15,71
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Colourful elastic headband with an antibacterial treatment.

You can run wearing this headband because there is silver woven into the headband, which kills bacteria. This antibacterial treatment does not wash out. The silver fibres are directly in the fabric.

The paw print is made with sublimation technology, so the fibres are dyed and the colour does not rub off, it is still beautifully coloured.

The headband has a fine inner pile and is very comfortable to wear.

The width of the headband is 9 cm, the circumference in the unstretched state is 47 cm, it stretches to about 66 cm.

The print on the headbands matches our colourful treat bum bags: https://www.mujmax.cz/pamlskovniky-s-magnetickym-zapinanim  

Product code celenka_7
Warranty 2 years

9 reviews and 2 user reviews

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The customer wanted to remain anonymous 18.04.2024 09:22 (Unverified rating)


Michaela Vosecká 05.03.2024 09:31 (Unverified rating)

04.03.2024 11:36 (Unverified rating)

Markéta Schulzová 04.03.2024 10:19 (Unverified rating)

Dorota Dvořáková 26.09.2023 16:29 (Unverified rating)

Kamila Menšíková 06.08.2023 10:02 (Unverified rating)

25.04.2023 09:21 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 18.03.2023 12:34 (Unverified rating)

Barbora Koubová 30.04.2022 09:34 (Unverified rating)

The headband does not slip and holds - really great

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