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Training long vest - black 4dox

Training long vest - black 4dox

Women's long vest - parka with mega pockets, all with zipper. Decent cut with extended back. Great vest for year round use for walks with the dog, but also for the city.

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Integrated treat bag

Integrated treat bag

The poop bag is made of grease-resistant fabric. Fastened with fixed buttons. It can therefore be easily detached and attached, washed separately in the washing machine. During training, the pamper bag lifts up above the pocket for easy access. If you're not training, tuck it into your pocket so it doesn't get in the way.

Integrated light

Integrated light

The integrated light is sewn into the pocket, so that it does not interfere and at the same time, to fulfill its function to the maximum. The light is on USB charge, easily removable from the opening. It offers 3 light intensities. So you will be able to see the road well and be seen at the same time.

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Theall-season long vests are made of high quality colorfast softshell. They are nice and long, covering the whole butt and thighs. Great if you have to sit somewhere, you won't be cold. The back from the waist down has a double fabric to insulate really well when sitting.

The waterproof column is 10,000 mm. The vest is windproof.

The jacket has a two-way zipper, when you squat down to your dog, you can easily unzip the bottom part and you won't rip out the zipper.

Softshell double layer with an inner fleece layer.

The parka is a nice fitting women's cut. Slimming cut with long armholes. There is a large pocket on the back with 2 long zippers (the back pocket does not lift the background). These pockets can easily fit afrisbee, leash, or other larger doggie tools.

There are 2 huge zippered pockets in the front waist as well. Another pocket is on the chest, zippered, suitable for a larger phone, keys, wallet, etc.

On the sides of the jacket there is 1 carabiner and 1 ring, for attaching a clicker, putting away a leash, or a toy. A bag tray can also be attached to the carabiner.

The vest is hooded and has reflective elements on the front and back. Your visibility will be up to 200 m in darkness and gloom.

You can also order an integrated treat tray with the vest, which is attached with buttons. It can therefore be easily taken off and washed off. It is grease resistant. It's a handy little thing - because you won't get your vest pockets dirty with treats.

Another feature is the integrated light. It sews into the pocket and shines into the distance in front of you. It can also be easily removed and charged via USB.


Tolerance +/- 2 cm

Product code dlouha_cerna
Warranty 2 years

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The customer wanted to remain anonymous 29.03.2024 12:30 (Unverified rating)

It fits perfectly, I'm so pleased, I regret not ordering sooner.

Zdeňka Hanzlíková 18.10.2023 14:33 (Unverified rating)

The whole perfectly processed, the only thing I didn't realize is that the snap-on treat tray suits me better on the left side and I have it on the right side.

Martina Mikulicová 04.10.2023 13:48 (Unverified rating)

15.09.2023 09:19 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 14.09.2023 12:20 (Unverified rating)

14.09.2023 09:19 (Unverified rating)

Ilona Sz 12.09.2023 21:00 (Unverified rating)

Amazing vest. Nice to wear and fits great. The vest includes a loop with a carabiner where I attached my basket, which always got in the way no matter where I put it. Now I don't even know that we have it with us "just in case". The integrated treat tray is very handy. My only regret is that I didn't order the vest with a light.

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