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Ladies training jacket 2in1 reflective 4dox

Ladies training jacket 2in1 reflective 4dox

A jacket and vest in one – practical in every way, yet stylish for both the city and the dog training field. This year-round women's jacket is handmade in the Czech Republic from high-quality, soft softshell fabric that keeps you warm even in harsh weather. Its abrasion-resistant surface withstands dog claws, and the waterproof material with a water column of 10,000 mm protects you from rain. When the sun comes out, the detachable sleeves and hood.

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Integrated treat bag

Integrated treat bag

The poop bag is made of grease-resistant fabric. Fastened with fixed buttons. It can therefore be easily detached and attached, washed separately in the washing machine. During training, the pamper bag lifts up above the pocket for easy access. If you're not training, tuck it into your pocket so it doesn't get in the way.

Integrated light

Integrated light

The integrated light is sewn into the pocket, so that it does not interfere and at the same time, to fulfill its function to the maximum. The light is on USB charge, easily removable from the opening. It offers 3 light intensities. So you will be able to see the road well and be seen at the same time.

Embroidery - customized - non refundable

Embroidery - customized - non refundable

We are happy to create an embroidery according to your wishes. 
You can choose the breed you find in the Dogs section or the paw embroidery in the Paws section. This is a solid embroidery that will not rub off.
We can also embroider the name of the dog, the name of the club, kennel, etc. you can choose in the "Text embroidery" section.

The 4dox logo is on the back pocket in a reflective design.

Embroidery of your own logo is at an additional cost depending on the complexity of the processing. We will tell you the price in advance.

If you have your own logo, please send it to: objednavky@4dox.cz

Text embroidery
Embroidery text
Embroidery color
Paw color 1
Paw color 2
Color of the back
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Year-Round Softshell Jacket-Vest that Saves Money

It's worth shedding some fur, on my soul, on a dog's ears. From one piece, you can quickly detach the sleeves to create two (a jacket and a vest), which will replace your spring, autumn, and winter outerwear. Thanks to its timeless design, you can wear the jacket both in the city and at the dog training field, and the high-quality softshell material ensures it lasts forever. Paw on it!

High-Quality Material to Command the Wind, Rain, and Cold


Weather so bad you wouldn't send a dog out in it? No problem with a waterproof training jacket. Thanks to the 10,000 mm water column, you can dance in the rain with ease. 

The high-quality softshell won't let the wind through, the sleeves are long and cuffed, and the stand-up collar means you can leave your scarf at home. Your lower back will stay warm too, as the bottom hem adjusts to your movements, even when you're doing doggy tricks. :)


You can wear the jacket-vest all year round, no matter the weather. Just layer up with a warm layer underneath for freezing temps.


A Comfortable Cut That Fits Every Body Like a Dog's Ears


The meticulously designed cut, sewn with absolute precision, flatters every curve. The jacket adapts to the body’s silhouette in any size from XS to 3XL.

For ladies with model-like heights over 168 cm, an prolonged length version is available (adding +5 cm to the jacket length and +4 cm to the sleeves compared to the standard cut). 

Pup, pup, go ahead and show your claws


Abrasion-resistant material can handle sharp claws, muddy paws, and forest thickets as you search for that lost tennis ball or fetch toy.

Soft yet durable softshell just needs a quick wipe with a cloth to look as good as new.


Stuff the hood and sleeves into the pockets


When it warms up, easily transform the jacket into a vest by detaching the sleeves. You can then stash them right into the large back zip pocket.

The sleeves have zippers cleverly integrated into the design, ensuring they won't rub or scratch in the armpits. 


No hair caught in the zipper. The detachable hood attaches with practical and elegantly concealed snaps. You can manage to detach or reattach it in a snap. 

The hood is generously sized, so you can tuck a high ponytail under it.


Leave the backpack at home. The jacket has pockets that even Mole would envy


They're discreet yet big enough for everything you and your furry friend need to carry. Because having free hands during walks and training sessions is always handy. 

Two front pockets for essentials like leash, treats, and a clicker.


The large back zip pocket fits a frisbee, detached sleeves and hood, a two-liter water bottle, or even a quick shopping trip on the go. The pocket has zip entries on both sides and is edged with elastic, so it won't sag and can handle at least as much weight as your back can bear. :) 


The zippered chest pocket is perfect for your wallet, phone, and keys.
You can stash additional valuables and documents in the inner pocket.

Meticulously Detailed: Reflective Elements, Carabiners, D-Rings


You'll shine in this jacket-vest. Literally! Thanks to the reflective charcoal-gray camouflage, you're visible in dusk and darkness up to 200 meters away. Perfectionists will appreciate the intricate details like D-rings and lightweight aluminum carabiners, perfect for hanging wet toys, muzzles, clickers, or even a poop bag dispenser.


Integrated Treat Pouch and Fancy Light for Connoisseurs


For a small fee, you can upgrade your jacket with an integrated detachable treat pouch in the front pocket or a sewn-in removable light in the front section of the jacket. 

The treat pouch is made from grease-resistant fabric in one piece, so crumbs in the seams are definitely not expected. It's equipped with snaps, so you can remove it anytime and wash it.

Ideal for nighttime walks and finding your dog's treasures in the grass, the integrated light on the front pocket is handy. It's easily removable, shines with three light intensities, and lasts up to 4 hours – just recharge it via USB. 

2-Year Warranty and Fix-up Service


This jacket is built for doggie adventures and can withstand even the most exuberant paws and noses. However, if by some unfortunate mishap a zipper gets stuck or a loop on the softshell loosens, we're happy to help. Our skilled seamstresses will have it back to its original state within a few days. Good as new for your furry friend. :) 

Tip to finish:
How to care for softshell? We recommend washing the jacket at 30 degrees Celsius and avoiding tumble drying. Normal dirt can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Size charts


Deviation +/- 2 cm

Product code 71
Warranty 2 years
back pocket closed by zipper
hood detachable
sleeve detachable sleeves

28 reviews and 10 user reviews

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Eva Michalova 08.07.2024 13:43 (Unverified rating)

Martina Jurčová 27.06.2024 10:40 (Unverified rating)

Vladimíra Chobotová 05.06.2024 13:34 (Unverified rating)

24.05.2024 00:23 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 03.05.2024 09:10 (Unverified rating)

I have had the jacket for a short time, but so far I am very satisfied. The size fits perfectly.

Michaela Matoušková 08.04.2024 18:03 (Unverified rating)

Linda Kopřivová 30.03.2024 10:40 (Unverified rating)

Iva Kotulková 23.03.2024 12:15 (Unverified rating)

Great, I commend the sleeve ends.

20.03.2024 10:09 (Unverified rating)

Peter Horváth 19.03.2024 12:54 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 06.03.2024 16:46 (Unverified rating)

It's great. I have nothing to complain about. Quality material, size and cut fit perfectly. Well-detailed. Although it was made to measure, I appreciate the very fast delivery.

Tereza Ščuglíková 06.03.2024 09:03 (Unverified rating)

Quality sewn, fits exactly as imagined.

26.02.2024 13:09 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 25.02.2024 09:48 (Unverified rating)

It's great, fits true to size, lots of pockets and the integrated treat pocket is amazing- I didn't want to invest in it anymore but I did and now I'm really glad I did!

Jana Maščuchová 21.02.2024 09:26 (Unverified rating)

Lucie Karolová 08.02.2024 15:26 (Unverified rating)

Very satisfied.It is really great.

Jitka Sadílková 20.01.2024 19:29 (Unverified rating)

Dagmar Paterova 17.12.2023 09:31 (Unverified rating)

Veronika Kašparová 04.12.2023 09:08 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 27.11.2023 12:27 (Unverified rating)

Quality workmanship, excellent material. Beautiful functional clothing ideal for all year round.

Ludmila Malikova 22.11.2023 10:53 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 30.10.2023 11:38 (Unverified rating)

The jacket is practical in that the sleeves can be easily unbuttoned and there are a lot of reflective elements.If I had something to complain about, the hood could be bigger and the integrated pamper bag in the left pocket is impractical when I see the dog on the left leg.

Petra Švecová 09.10.2023 16:33 (Unverified rating)

Super jacket fits both perfectly and reflective elements for me satisfaction ?

Ludmila Malikova 28.09.2023 14:02 (Unverified rating)

Olga Paráčková 18.09.2023 20:52 (Unverified rating)

Romana Mikulíková 11.09.2023 09:54 (Unverified rating)

Jana Špuláková 10.09.2023 16:58 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 22.08.2023 09:07 (Unverified rating)

It is exactly as described , the material , the quality of sewing, I recommend it to everyone.

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