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Knee-length shorts - black New

Knee-length shorts - black

Amazing knee-length shorts are made of super-thin and abrasion-resistant softshell. Large striped pockets are big enough to fit everything you need for dog training.

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Knee-length shorts, with a high elasticated waistband.

The shorts are made of fabric with 10 % of elastane. They are therefore comfortable and adapt to the lady's shape perfectly. The shorts are made of water-resistant fabric with a ripstop, which makes them more resistant to tearing and ripping.

The cut is based on our popular trousers. The length is suitable for plump figures who need to hide their thighs a little. Or for those who want to keep their knees protected from jumping dogs.

Large striped pockets are hemmed with a strong elastic band, and further secured with a strong press stud.

There is another pocket with a zip on the back, which is ideal for a cell phone or wallet.

Reflective elements on the front and back ensure your visibility up to a distance of 200 m.

There are two firm plastic half-rings sewn into the waistband, so you can attach a mini titbit case, clicker or other small things and put them into the pocket, so when you run it does not slide.

Deviation +/- 2 cm

Product code kolena_kratasy_cerne
Warranty 2 years

30 reviews and 11 user reviews

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Lenka Vavrincova 13.05.2024 09:48 (Unverified rating)

Klára Adamcová 22.03.2024 09:08 (Unverified rating)

Olga Paráčková 17.10.2023 21:35 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 14.08.2023 18:55 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 11.08.2023 10:46 (Unverified rating)

Renáta Kropáčová 05.08.2023 11:07 (Unverified rating)

Pavla Kubíčková 05.08.2023 09:25 (Unverified rating)

The knee shorts fit perfectly,they are light and comfortable ?

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 31.07.2023 09:20 (Unverified rating)

They're great! I'm a size 48 and I feel good in them.

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 31.07.2023 09:06 (Unverified rating)

Super shorts

Martina Sítařová 23.07.2023 08:44 (Unverified rating)

Ivana Doležalová 18.07.2023 17:58 (Unverified rating)

Super pants

Martina Kovácsová 14.07.2023 12:18 (Unverified rating)

Martina Macurová 09.07.2023 14:57 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 08.07.2023 09:38 (Unverified rating)

Aneta Neugebauerová 03.07.2023 12:09 (Unverified rating)

Lucie Chárová 28.06.2023 09:21 (Unverified rating)

Very comfortable, fits perfectly.

Lenka Kožíšková 26.06.2023 10:20 (Unverified rating)

Barbora Kubová 01.06.2023 07:14 (Unverified rating)

Anežka Nevřelová 29.05.2023 19:30 (Unverified rating)

I absolutely love the shorts they are divine and I don't have a single thing wrong with them ❤️?

25.05.2023 09:22 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 19.03.2023 15:02 (Unverified rating)

Thank you for the quick and smooth processing of the order

Lucie Filipová 11.01.2023 12:59 (Unverified rating)

Miriam Plesníková 31.08.2022 11:29 (Unverified rating)

Great for trips and city, material perfect

Veronika Absolonová 31.08.2022 10:25 (Unverified rating)

clorida 17.08.2022 11:20 (Unverified rating)

Thanks to these reviews, I bought a size bigger shorts and they are really great, they fit beautifully, they are comfortable, I don't have slim legs and they fit great, I can only recommend them :)

Věnceslava Šlechtová 06.08.2022 19:42 (Unverified rating)

The shorts are one size smaller than the same size of the long pants and have narrower legs. Otherwise they would be great

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 04.08.2022 09:14 (Unverified rating)

Nikola Stejskalová 20.07.2022 09:10 (Unverified rating)

Martina Bartoková 16.07.2022 11:44 (Unverified rating)

I have pants in the same size that fit looser, the shorts feel more body tight, I'm a little worried about being warm in them in the summer. Otherwise the pockets are nice and big.

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 16.07.2022 09:22 (Unverified rating)

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