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Women's training jacket reflective camouflage New 151,45 127,27 -5 %

Women's training jacket reflective camouflage

Practical and beautiful softshell jacket with reflective camouflage.

Decent jacket with a cut of reflective subtle camouflage. The camouflage glows at a distance of 200 m. Waterproof abrasion-resistant softshell with large pockets for dog keepers. 

Innovation - pockets are not frilled but, there are sewn 2 zippers, so they do not raise the lady's bottom.

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(16 Rating)
151,45 127,27
Integrated treat bag

Integrated treat bag

The poop bag is made of grease-resistant fabric. Fastened with fixed buttons. It can therefore be easily detached and attached, washed separately in the washing machine. During training, the pamper bag lifts up above the pocket for easy access. If you're not training, tuck it into your pocket so it doesn't get in the way.

Integrated light

Integrated light

The integrated light is sewn into the pocket, so that it does not interfere and at the same time, to fulfill its function to the maximum. The light is on USB charge, easily removable from the opening. It offers 3 light intensities. So you will be able to see the road well and be seen at the same time.

Embroidery - customized - non refundable

Embroidery - customized - non refundable

We are happy to create an embroidery according to your wishes. 
You can choose the breed you find in the Dogs section or the paw embroidery in the Paws section. This is a solid embroidery that will not rub off.
We can also embroider the name of the dog, the name of the club, kennel, etc. you can choose in the "Text embroidery" section.

The 4dox logo is on the back pocket in a reflective design.

Embroidery of your own logo is at an additional cost depending on the complexity of the processing. We will tell you the price in advance.

If you have your own logo, please send it to: objednavky@4dox.cz

Text embroidery
Reflective breed on the sleeve - customized - non refundable

Reflective breed on the sleeve - customized - non refundable

Reflective breed is placed on the left sleeve.

Embroidery text
Embroidery color
Paw color 1
Paw color 2
Reflective breed
Color of the back
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The ladies' training jacket has detachable sleeves and a hood. It is therefore absolutely universal for use in any weather. In the morning you can go out with your dog in the jacket, during the day you can unzip the sleeves and hood and when it starts to rain - no problem, you can clip everything back on in a second. Nothing is easier.

The training jacket 2 in 1 from  4dox is popular for its good look and also for its practicality. The jacket offers many pockets.

There are two large mega pockets on the back, which are hemmed with strong elastic. It is therefore easy to put your hand in the pocket, but at the same time, nothing falls out of the pocket. The back pockets are handy for storing toys, leashes and extra treats.

The front pockets are also hemmed with elastic, they are suitable for storing treats for dog training.

Another pocket with a zip is on the chest. It is large enough to accommodate a wallet, keys and phone.

The jacket is made from softshell, a wear-resistant and water-resistant material. It is very soft and comfortable and adapts to a woman's shape. 

There are reflective elements on the front and back of the jacket. This ensures your visibility in the dark up to a distance of 200 m.

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Deviation +/- 2 cm

Product code damska_bunda_reflexni
Warranty 2 years
hood inseparable
sleeve inseparable sleeves
back pocket closed by zipper

16 reviews and 7 user reviews

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Michaela Lipská 09.03.2024 20:19 (Unverified rating)

Ivana Pěchová 07.02.2024 15:45 (Unverified rating)

I have nothing to complain about, just a great jacket that I can wear even in winter, and not only with dogs 😍

Veronika Farkaš 26.10.2023 11:44 (Unverified rating)

Alena Vanžurová 09.05.2023 10:43 (Unverified rating)

The customer wanted to remain anonymous 04.04.2023 09:47 (Unverified rating)

01.04.2023 09:41 (Unverified rating)

Petra Grulichová 11.02.2023 19:07 (Unverified rating)

Great, exactly what I imagined, practical pockets for everything we could need outside with a furry friend. Thank you Monica F. for the perfect sewing.

Veronika Adamcová 30.11.2022 09:41 (Unverified rating)

It is really beautiful and practical, very high quality. I'm thrilled with the jacket.

Anna ŽELEZNÁ 28.11.2022 15:44 (Unverified rating)

Beautiful... nothing to say

08.11.2022 15:49 (Unverified rating)

václava Hovorková 18.10.2022 08:58 (Unverified rating)

Tereza Votavová 13.10.2022 11:59 (Unverified rating)

Absolutely great, fits great, I was pleasantly surprised by the material and most importantly hats off to her, she is well made.

Aneta Siegerová 05.10.2022 11:40 (Unverified rating)

Comfortable and practical jacket. The reflective camouflage is very nice, and the zippered pockets are absolutely perfect

Pavlína Lysáčková 05.10.2022 09:26 (Unverified rating)

Aneta Siegerová 25.09.2022 08:16 (Unverified rating)

My compliments, because I haven't had a better jacket yet?Well made, comfortable, the reflective camouflage looks great and the spacious zipped pockets are absolutely perfect!

Jitka Barvířová 24.09.2022 11:06 (Unverified rating)

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